Buy effective rubber floor mats for outdoor areas

Kafloor rubber mat flooring is robust, weather-proof and effectively absorbs coarse dirt. Keep the indoor floor coverings in your indoor areas clean and reduce cleaning times and costs. We recommend our floor mats with aluminium profile, inset and fixed into the floor, for entrance areas with high levels of dirt and commercial buildings. Our freestanding, easy-to-install rubber mats are the ideal solution for small entrance areas and domestic use. We have the rubber backed floor mat for any building.

  • High-quality solid rubber
  • Powerful cleaning performance
  • Extremely non-slip
    • Reinforced profile with rubber
    • Extremely weather resistant
    • Particularly durable
      • Nylon brushes, solid rubber
      • Noticeable cleaning effect
      • For high loads
        • Extremely weather resistant
        • For outdoor areas
        • High-quality solid rubber
          • Brush, solid rubber
          • Noticeable cleaning
          • Extremely weather resistant
            • Brush strip, rubber
            • Easy to clean
            • Completely non slip
              • Solid rubber, scraper strip
              • Very good for solid dirt
              • Also for outdoor use

                Benefits of Kafloor rubber mats at a glance:

                • For use as floor mats for outdoor areas
                • Available for installation into the floor or as freestanding variant
                • Can be combined with brush mats in the fixed, inset variant
                • Rubber floor mats for the home as well as public buildings and commercial premises
                • Material: high-quality solid rubber
                • With micro-scraping profile 
                • Absorb coarse dirt
                • Weather-resistant and robust
                • Easy to clean
                • Reduce floor cleaning costs
                • For flush installation and barrier-free for optimum slip resistance
                • Bespoke sizes available
                • Personalisation options

                Rubber floor mats with aluminium frame for optimum dirt uptake


                We recommend our inset rubber mats first and foremost for commercial premises or public buildings. These buildings often have large entrance areas with high levels of dirt and high footfall requiring large rubber mats. Our aluminium mats with rubber inserts are made from high-quality materials and efficiently absorb coarse dirt and moisture. We recommend a combination of rubber and brush inserts for very high dirt levels and continuous loading. Contact us online for more information and advice on rubber mat flooring. 

                Bespoke rubber mats with branding

                The Kafloor team will ensure your aluminium mat, with rubber or brush inserts if required, is manufactured to fit your entrance area perfectly. Choose from four different construction heights to suit your building’s requirements and give us the required dimensions. We are happy to help you find the best solution for your project. We will then produce your bespoke rubber mat.

                Would you like to welcome your visitors with your logo or a slogan? Both are possible with our fixed inset rubber mat flooring. Send us your text and our experienced team will personalise your mat.

                The perfect solution - freestanding rubber floor mats for home

                Stay flexible with our indoor rubber doormats. For small front doors with moderate levels of dirt, we recommend our solid rubber, weather-proof mats to absorb the dirt. Their micro-scraping profiles ensure optimum dirt uptake. The mats are sturdy, easy to clean and non-slip. They have an all-round ramp edge so they can be walked on or driven over safely. Indoor rubber doormats are available to order in two standard sizes so you can look forward to a clean entrance area..

                Cleaning and maintenance

                Our rubber floor mats are easy to clean. A vacuum cleaner is all you need to clean fixed inset mat surfaces. Then, simply roll up the rubber mat to sweep out the mat well. Dirt can also be gently knocked out of our freestanding rubber mats.

                Order your rubber mats from Kafloor and discover the benefit of our high-quality products and outstanding service.