Dirt trapper mats with attractive design

Kafloor dirt trap mats reliably keep your entrance area clean and can easily be included in your room concept. They are available in a range of different colours and sizes and with various features. We have the ideal dirt trapping door mat for every room and every building.

Sale -48%
  • Good moisture uptake
  • Easy to clean
  • low height
    Sale -47%
    • Extremely non-slip
    • Effective cleaning performance
    • Stable brushes
      Sale -47%
      • Effective brush strips
      • Anodised ramp edge
      • Good dirt uptake
        Sale -54%
        • Effective brush strips
        • Very non-slip
        • Reduced footfall noise
          • High-quality solid rubber
          • Powerful cleaning performance
          • Extremely non-slip
            • Ribbed dirt collection quality
            • Low height
            • Easy to install

              Features and benefits at a glance:

              • Ideal dirt trap mats for indoor areas
              • Absorb dirt (coarse and fine) and moisture 
              • Hard-wearing and durable: can also cope with heavy-duty loading
              • Easy to install (not only in entrance areas)
              • Non-slip due to appropriate reverse
              • Protect your indoor floor coverings
              • Range of designs available (material, size, pile depth)
              • Available in a range of different colourways
              • Professional ‘made in Germany’ quality
              • Flame-resistant option available
              • Easy to clean (either with a vacuum cleaner or in a washing machine, depending on the design)

              Buy your dirt trapper mat for indoor areas from Kafloor

              Choose the perfect freestanding dirt trapping door mat for doorways in your indoor area. You will find a colour to suit your decor in our product range. Whether a private apartment, a house or business premises, we have the perfect solution for every building in our portfolio. The non-slip reverse on our dirt collection mats ensures secure footing. This means the dirt mat does not move from its correct location while protecting your indoor floor coverings and reducing the risk of accidents.

              The correct choice of dirt trapper door mat for your specific requirements depends on the levels of dirt and footfall. Depending on the design, our dirt trapper mats reliably absorb coarse dirt, fine dirt and moisture. Our dirt trap mats are available in a range of sizes for you to choose from as well as a variety of visuals, such as industrial design.

              We recommend our durable ribbed dirt trap mats for business premises and entrance areas with high footfall. These are available in a range of inset designs.

              The flexible solution for a clean house

              Kafloor dirt trap mats have a role to play beyond the front door. They are also extremely effective in other frequently used areas in the building, including:

              • hallways
              • reception areas
              • doorways
              • access points to terraces and balconies
              • under tables

              Our dirt grabber mats have a classic, unobtrusive design and protect your indoor floor coverings while reducing cleaning costs.

              Tip: use our dirt trapper mats for outdoor areas to keep coarse dirt outside. They are the perfect complement to our dirt trap mats.

              Cleaning and maintenance

              Our freestanding textile dirt trapper mats require minimum maintenance and are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Depending on the material, you can also wash our dirt mats in a washing machine. After wet cleaning, just allow your dirt trap mat to dry and it is ready to be used again.