Brush mats – effective against coarse dirt

Our robust brush mats flooring is non-slip, weather-proof and high-performance. Neither sunshine nor rain affects the effectiveness of Kafloor brush mats. Depending on the design, they are the perfect brush mat for front doors or indoor areas. Choose from inset or freestanding brush mats.

  • Triple brush insert
  • Brush off effect
  • Completely non slip
    • UV-resistant nylon brushes
    • Available in two colours
    • Weatherproof
      Sale -47%
      • Extremely non-slip
      • Effective cleaning performance
      • Stable brushes
        Sale -47%
        • Effective brush strips
        • Anodised ramp edge
        • Good dirt uptake
          Sale -54%
          • Effective brush strips
          • Very non-slip
          • Reduced footfall noise

            Brush mats for effective dirt uptake in large or small entrance areas

            The benefits of using brush mat flooring:

            • Ideal for high-footfall entrance areas with high levels of dirt
            • Can cope with heavy loading and can be driven over by wheelchairs and carts
            • Reduce cleaning costs and protect your indoor floor coverings
            • Brush mats absorb coarse dirt
            • Material: High-quality nylon triple brushes
            • Matching aluminium profile available in a range of construction heights: 10, 17, 22 and 27 mm
            • Unobtrusive and elegant design
            • Rollable, easy to clean aluminium profile with brush inserts
            • Integral impact sound insulation 

            Kafloor brush mats are hand-made to German quality standards. Our products are regularly inspected for quality and are a byword for precision and outstanding quality.

            Need some help with your project? We are happy to show you what specific options are available for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

            Inset brush inserts

            For indoor areas subject to heavy-duty loading, we recommend setting our floor mats with aluminium profile into the floor. This includes brush mats with an aluminium surround which absorb coarse dirt. They can be used on their own or together with rubber mats or ribbed mats to effectively keep your building entrance areas clean and protect your indoor floor coverings.

            Freestanding brush mats

            For private entrance areas, we recommend our freestanding brush mats for front doors. Depending on the design, the brush inserts alternate with rubber or ribbed carpet inserts. Kafloor brush mat flooring is available in a range of standard sizes and various heights. Just choose the best mat for your entrance areas. The rubber coating on the reverse ensures our floor mats are non-slip.

            Ordering brush mats for outdoor areas

            If mats are installed outside, they must be able to withstand wind and rain. Our brush mat flooring is made from high-quality weather-resistant nylon. Its triple brushes scrape coarse dirt off the soles of shoes as well as castors and wheels. We recommend our inset floor mats together with brush and rubber inserts for entrance areas subject to high levels of contamination and high footfall. Coarse dirt stays outside and the cost of keeping your floor clean is kept to a minimum. Highly effective in a subtle design. 

            Buy brush mats with aluminium frame for indoor areas

            For indoor areas with high footfall, we recommend dirt collection mats with brush inserts are also used inside the building. By combining our brush inserts with ribbed carpet, not only can you reduce your cleaning costs but you will also create a welcoming atmosphere. The nylon brushes ensure coarse dirt is absorbed while the ribbed carpet inserts absorb finer dirt and moisture. Our ribbed carpet is available in a range of colours which create an elegant effect when combined with the subtle black of the nylon brushes. This variant is also the perfect solution for covered outdoor areas. Order direct from the brush mat manufacturer!

            Bespoke brush mats

            As an experienced manufacturer of quality brush mat flooring, at Kafloor, we are fully aware of the specific demands buildings can make of entrance mats. We therefore offer a bespoke floor mat service. Select from four different construction heights and choose the combination of materials best suited to your building. Just contact our personal support service.

            Would you like to promote your company name on your floor mat? If you combine, for example, brush mats for front doors with ribbed carpet or rubber inserts, our fixed inset mats can be personalised with your brand, logo or slogan – almost anything is possible!

            Cleaning and maintenance 

            Kafloor floor mats are easy to clean and regular surface maintenance is easy – just use a vacuum cleaner . Our brush inserts can be rolled up to allow coarser dirt to be swept out of the mat well.

            Order direct from Kafloor, the brush mat manufacturer, and discover our outstanding service.