Ribbed mats for clean indoor areas

Our ribbed entrance mats with aluminium support chassis are the perfect dirt collection mat for indoor areas or covered outdoor areas. With the aluminium frame inset into the floor, they are the ideal solution for entrance areas with high levels of footfall. Kafloor ribbed floor mats absorb dirt and moistureare available in a flame-resistant design and can also deal with high loading. Our ribbed matting is available in a range of colours. 

  • Top-seller
  • Universal application
  • Classic design
    • Proven ribbed carpet insert
    • Heavy-duty
    • Comfortable to walk on
      • Extra-wide profiles
      • Robust ribbing
      • High moisture uptake
        • Textile insert
        • Also for rolling traffic
        • Extremely effective
          • Textile, triple brush
          • Strong profile
          • Effortless cleaning
            • Nylon brushes, ribbed
            • High dirt uptake
            • For covered outdoor areas
              • Ribbed carpet, narrow brush
              • Ideal against dirt and moisture
              • Noticeable cleaning effect
                • Scraper strip, ribbed
                • Also removes small stones
                • Particularly durable
                  Sale -48%
                  • Good moisture uptake
                  • Easy to clean
                  • low height

                    Features and benefits of your quality mat at a glance:

                    • Protects your indoor floor coverings
                    • Robust, non-slip
                    • Can cope with continuous loading and can be driven over by wheelchairs and carts
                    • Range of installation heights and bespoke ribbed entrance matting available
                    • Rollable, easy to clean
                    • Personalisation options
                    • Hand-finished in Germany

                    Ribbed mats for your entrance area

                    We recommend our inset ribbed entrance mats with aluminium profile for large entrance areas with high levels of dirt. We also offer this ribbed matting with weather-resistant rubber mats or brush mats for outdoor areas. Our ribbed mats are the optimum addition to your indoor area. Rubber and brushes absorb coarse dirt in outdoor areas. The ribbed entrance floor mats in covered areas also absorb moisture and finer dirt, allowing you to protect your flooring and reduce cleaning costs. Subtle colourways mean our ribbed entrance matting can be used with any building concept.

                    Safe and functional entrances with custom ribbed carpet floor mats

                    Depending on the building requirements, sometimes, the best solution is ribbed mats with rubber mats or brush mats to create a combination ribbed entrance mat. If special features such as revolving doors or unusual dimensions or shapes have to be accommodated when installing mats, we can create bespoke ribbed entrance mating for you in our manufacturing facilities. Our profiles are available in four construction heights to suit the on-site requirements. Otherwise, just choose either aluminium or stainless steel for the frame material. Our experienced production team is happy to help you find the best ribbed matting design for your project.

                    Welcome your visitors with a company logo, slogan or specific text. Our ribbed mats are the perfect medium for a personalised message. Let your entrance area do the talking.

                    All the benefits of quality ribbed carpet mats – buy direct from the manufacturer

                    Kafloor floor mats and ribbed door mats are easy to clean. The surface can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Our ribbed entrance floor mats can be rolled up to allow coarser dirt to be swept out of the mat well. After cleaning, simply roll the mat back into place.

                    Order your entrance mat from Kafloor and discover the benefits of our high-quality, hand-made products and outstanding service.