Personalised doormats 

Kafloor floor mats absorb dirt and moisture, protecting indoor floor coverings. Our installed personalised doormats reduce your cleaning costs and also provide a non-slip surface for your entrance area . We specifically recommend our personalised floor mats for entrance areas to commercial premises. We laser-engrave logos, slogans or your advertising message for your visitors into a high-quality, stainless steel profile. 

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Features and benefits of our personalised floor mats:

  • Absorb dirt and moisture (depending on the design)
  • With aluminium profile inset into the floor
  • Non-slip and resilient
  • Available with brush, rubber or ribbed carpet inserts
  • Perfect branding for businesses: specific lettering possible on the stainless steel profile
  • Ideal as personalised business doormats for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Bespoke floor mats available in a range of installation heights
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Logo mats can be ordered on request

Unique personalised doormats for entrance areas in commercial premises

Our inset floor mat systems fixed to the floor are the ideal solution for large entrance areas and commercial premises. And these personalised doormats for inside or outside can be customised with your company logo or slogan in the stainless steel profile. Our Kafloor team will ensure your personalised floor mats are completed to the highest quality standards during production.

Personalised indoor and outdoor doormats 

Choose Kafloor ribbed carpet mats for floor mats for indoor areas or covered outdoor areas for personalised front doormats. For floor mats for outdoor areas, we recommend our rubber mats and brush mats, inset and fixed to the floor. All inserts can be combined with each other and customised to create personalised business doormats. Their beneficial properties ensure your flooring has the best possible protection from dirt and moisture. Our floor mats and mat wells can also support high loads and are non-slip. 

Customised and personalised doormats from Kafloor

Entrance areas in buildings pose many different challenges for fixed inset entrance mats. The Kafloor solution is customised and personalised floor matsSpecific challenges when installing mats with an aluminium profile include:

  • floor height
  • columns 
  • revolving doors or other automated items

For a customised and personalised doormat – contact the manufacturer directly.