Our care instructions for long-lasting joy

With a little care, the Kafloor entrance mats are a faithful companion for a long time!

Our products are manufactured with the utmost care and precision for you. Longevity is our motivation. We’ve put together some tips for you to ensure that the cleaning performance of your entrance mats remains as powerful as it was on day one. Again, we try to make it as easy as possible for you. This means that cleaning all our products is extremely simple and not time-consuming.In this way, you preserve the elegant and representative exterior of your entrance mats. You will quickly realize that it is worth it if you regularly pay a little attention to your entrance mat. The optimal care includes only 2 stages. All you need is a commercial vacuum cleaner, the cleaning agent tested by us and in case of particularly heavy soiling, our aluminium mats can even withstand a high-pressure cleaner. The frequency of all described care procedures depends solely on the frequency of use.

Daily cleaning removes light dirt

A commercial vacuum cleaner or abever is sufficient to remove surface dirt. This dry dirt, consisting of dust and sand, is actually as hard as glass. That’s why it’s all the more important to remove it quickly to maintain the shine of your entrance mats. You get full effectiveness if you drive slowly over the mat with a vacuum cleaner in each direction. The fibers are straightened up again and look like new. Although our mats are designed to hold even coarse dirt, you will have more pleasure if it is removed regularly!

With high pressure against heavy contamination

With high pressure against heavy contamination Despite regular care, it will happen that your entrance mat requires some attention. Proceed here first with the levels 1 and 2. As already promised, our aluminium entrance mats can even withstand a high-pressure cleaner. Some of our dirt trap mats are even washable. Just follow the product instructions. After each damp cleaning, simply place the mat upright or hang it and let it dry. Damp mats are not as effective as completely dry ones. Only then travel to your destination and it shines again in new splendor!